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Global History Review 2010




Greetings to the Global History Center, Capital Normal University Beijing from William H. McNeill, March 2010

Theory and Methodology

World History and Chinese History: 20th Century Chinese Historiography between University and Particularity

Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik

China and the Writing of World History in the West

Gregory Blue

Asia in the ReMaking of the Modern World

Robert B, Marks

Sino-Foreign Interaction and Exchange

The Sassanian Empire of Persia in Chinese-Byzantine Relations

Zhang Xushan

An Overview of Sino-Foregin Interaction and Exchanges during the Liang Era of the Southern Dynasties

Shi Yuntao

An Introduction ti Studies on the Mongolian Official Letter of Appointment Part of the Dastūr al-Kātib fi Tayīn al-Marātib

Li Mingfei

The Yuan Dynasty and Its Vassalage Relationship with Southwestern Frontier States as Exhibited in its Political Setup

Zhou Fang

Yung Wings World: China in the Global Nineteenth Century

Richard S. Horowitz

The West in the Eyes of Late Qing Reformers: A Focus on Kang Youwei and Liang Qichaos  Euroamerican Travel Accounts

Cao Yinglong


Religious Diffusion

A New Probe into the Political Factors behind Islamicization of the Tarim Basin Area

Maimaitizunong Abdukirim and Buayixiamu Aji

The Pure Land Faith of Buddhism and Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchanges

Jia Fayi

Cultural Exchanges during the Tang Dynasty as Seen in the Shifting Image of Vaisravana

Wang Tao


Commerce and Trade



A History of Indin Spices and Perfumes Import to China from Han to Tang

Wen Cuifang

The Elephant in Cross-Cultural Perspective: From Han to Tang Dynasties in Chinese History

Wang Yongping

The Jin (Shanxi) Merchants and Sino-Russian Tea Trade in Kiakhta

Gao Chunping

New Sea Routes to Canton in the 18th Century and the Decline of China’s Control over Trade

Paul A. Van Dyke

Horses, Silver, Cowries: Yunnan in a Global Perspective

Yang Bin

Book Reviews and Introductions


The Qing Chinese Economy in Global Perspective: An Introduction to Tea and Opium: China in the Economic Globalization of the 19th Century by Zhong Weimin (Beijing: Sanlian Press, 2010)

Li Bozhogn

A Review of Chian in World History by S.A.M. Adshead (Basingstoke and London: The Macmillan Press, 1988)

Shi yue

Chinas Cotton Textile Industry in a Panoramic View of Textiles History: A Review of The Spinning World A Global History of Cotton Textiles,12001850, eds. by Giorgio Riello and Prasannan Parthasarathi (Oxford, Uk: Oxford University Press, 2009 )

Zhang Tianhong

Dynastic Rise and Decline from a History of Disasters Perspective: A Review of Crisis and Coping: Natural Disasters and Tang Society, compiled by Yan Shoucheng (Beijing: Peoples Press, 2008)

Shi Tao, Cheng Peng, and Ma Guoying

Recent Scholarship and Institutions in Brief


The Global History Center, Capital Normal University

Xia Jiguo

The China Ecological/Environmental History Study Center, Nankai University

Wang Lihua

The World History Center, University of Pittsburgh

Patrick Manning

The Global and European Studies Institute at the University of Leipzig and the European Network in Universal and Global History

Matthias Middell and Katja Naumann


The 19th World History Association (WHA) Annual Conference Opened in San Diego

Sun Yue

Scholarly Information

The 20th World History Association (WHA) Annual Conference Opens at Capital Normal University, Beijing



Abstracts of Major Papers


GHR Call for Papers and Formats