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Global History Review Call for Papers and Format

The Global History Review (GHR) is the annual publication by the Global History Center (GHC) affiliated to the School of History, Capital Normal University (CNU). Being the first of its kind in China, GHR has gained more and more attention from both domestic and international scholars since its debut in 2008. With the exception of Vol. 1, which was published by the Commercial Press, all succeeding volumes are published by the China Social Sciences Press in Chinese. International contributions are translated into Chinese with coordination by GHC.

GHR aims to become a useful bridge connecting Chinese and international scholarship in the emerging field of global history. It is committed to historical analysis from a global perspective, and features a wide range of themes and methodologies that aim to reinterpret and/or even recast histories with welfare of the whole humanity in view and a sustainable future. Key to global history is the notion and practice of interaction, either intellectual, cultural, political, economical, technological, or religious, demographic, ecological, environmental.

GHR encompasses both teaching and research. Besides it tries to facilitate communication and exchanges between Chinese and world historians by regularly briefing on world/global institutions and conferences. In a word, it aims to connect.

We welcome contributions from both Chinese and international scholars.


Academic Advisors: Kenneth L Pomeranz (USA), Dominic Sachsenmaier (Germany)

Editor-in-Chief: Liu Xincheng (CNU)

Editorial Board: Liu Xincheng; Xia Jiguo; Liang Zhanjun; Liu Wenming; Shi Cheng; Chen Zhijian; Sun Yue; Yue Xiukun


Requirements and Format

1. Papers are usually fifteen to twenty pages long double space complete with notes, abstract and keywords, as well as the name, professional title(s), and employment institution(s).

2. Please refer to University of Chicago, The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010) for notes and bibliographical citation format.



Contributions should be sent to GHC, electronically at:, or if you prefer snail mail, addressed to:


Global History Center

School of History

Capital Normal University

Beijing, 100089

P. R. China


Please state clearly that it’s intended for
the GHR.