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The Annual Meeting of Global History Center

  The Annual Meeting of Global History Center

  On December 28th ,2016,Global History Center of CNU held annual meeting in the building of International Culture.Professor Liu Xincheng attended the meeting and join the discussion about discipline construction.Most teachers of the center were there and discuss positively.

  The meeting was divided into four sections.

  Section One:Summary Report

  Firstly,Prof.Liu Wenming, the executive director,summarized the work of the center and stated the plan in the future.There are four parts of work at present:the editing of Global History Review;the fostering of students majored in global history;academic communication,the publishing of collection of translation in global history and civilizations and the world.Teachers of the center will be in charge separately.

  Section Two:Work Report and Suggestions

  Prof.Xia Jiguo summed up the fostering of postgraduate students.He introduced the topic-selecting conference and communication between teachers and students.Mr.Sun Yue advised on the further development,especially on the construction of center,review editing and academic communication.Mr.Yue Xiu Kun made introduction to the journal’s topic selecting,editing,external connection and soliciting contribution.He also responded to the suggestions and questions.

  Section Three:Free Talk

  The young teachers, namely Mr.Yu Zhan,Ms.Qin Fang,Ms.Qiao Yu,Mr.Cui Jinzhu and Mr.Kong Yuan,talked about the research method and their own study based on their experience.

  Section Four:Conclusion

  At the end of the meeting,Prof.Liu Xincheng made conclusion.He again shared his idea of global history.He praised the work and promised to give support.Besides,he encouraged the young teachers to do well in the next year.