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Professor Dominic Sachsenmaier will lecture at GHC

Poster of Global History Series

Prof. Dominic Sachsenmaier

Professor of Duke University

Paths to Global History —–Assessing
Research in the United States, Germany, and China

Time: 3:00-5:00 p. m., April 25, 2012

Venue Room 408, Art Building, North Campus CNU


Abstract??The talk offers a comparative account of the recent rise of global and transnational historical scholarship in different parts of the world. Thus far, the debates surrounding this new border-crossing movement have remained somewhat limited in scope as theoretical exchanges on the tasks, responsibilities and potentials of global history have been largely confined to national or regional academic communities. However, as Dominic Sachsenmaier argues, the global trend in historiography needs to be supported by an increase in transnational dialogues and academic cooperation. Investigating the United?States, Germany and China as his main case studies, he reflects upon the character of locally specific approaches to global history as well as their surrounding social, political and cultural contexts. He also addresses the problem of the dominance of English-speaking literature in the field of global history and hints at alternative scenarios.


Global History Center

School of History

Capital Normal University