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GHC Members Attend WHA 19th Annual Conference in San Diego

A team of three members representing the Global History Center (GHC), Capital Normal University, attended the 19th annual World History Association (WHA) conference which gathered several hundred teachers and scholars from around the world in San Diego, CA, June 24-27, 2010.

The team was comprised of Professor Xia Jiguo, deputy director of GHC, Wang Yongping, a Tang Chinese history expert, and Sun Yue, GHC's academic liaison.

The conference featured two themes, ??Gender in World History and The Pacific in World History.The first came about from WHA's goal to advance understanding of the roles and contributions of women in world history, as well as comparative analysis of gender relations around the world. It also ties in with the 40th anniversary of the US's first Department of Women??s Studies at the San Diego State University, a co-sponsor of the event. The second theme was chosen because of San Diego's status as an important city facing the Pacific Basin. One of the missions of the WHA is to advance understanding of historical interrelations among people around the rims and on the islands of the world's major sea basins.

 In connection with these themes, Prof. Wang Yongping and Sun Yue read their respective papers at the 60th panel titled Contemporary Cross-Cultural Re-Evaluations Sunday, June 27.

During the conference period, the team met with a host of scholars and teachers concerning world history teaching and research. Among these are such pioneers in world history as Heidi Roupp, Patrick Manning, Ross Dunn, Kenneth Pomeranz, etc. Also in anticipation of the 20th WHA conference at CNU, July 7-11, 2011, the team reported its prep work to WHA's executive council meeting on June 24.