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Prof. Jerry H. Bentley from the University of Hawaii lecturing at GHC of CNU

 Jerry H. Bentley, Professor of history from the University of Hawaii, has been lecturing at the first-floor conference room of the North-campus library at CNU, May 11-21 2010, with ??Perspectives on World History: Old World Encounters?? as the theme. The lecture consists of eight topics as follow:?

I. Cultural Exchange as an Issue for World History (9am-11:30am, May 11)

II. Two Theories of Cultural Exchange (9am-11:30am, May 12)

III. The Era of the Ancient Silk Roads (9am-11:30am, May 13)

IV. The Postclassical Era (9am-11:30am, May 14)

V. The Age of Transregional Nomadic Empires (9am-11:30am, May 18)

VI. Global Interactions over the Seas (9am-11:30am, May 19)

VII. Connecting Points in the Early Modern World (9am-11:30am, May 20)

VIII. Case Study: The Dutch East India Company in India (9am-11:30am, May 21)

A number of professors and all graduate students took part in the lecture. Students exchanged their views on issues about cross-cultural interactions in pre-modern world with Prof. Bentley in an active atmosphere. Students gained insights in cross-cultural encounters in world history through discussions on cross-regional interactions in pre-modern era, which improves the teaching and research of global history at CNU.