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Prof. Liu Wenming attended the 4th International Forum on World Civilizations

The 4th International Conference of International Forum on World Civilizations held at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wang Fu Jing Guesthouse (She Ke Bo Yuan Hotel) from April 16-17,2010. The Theme of the Symposium is Contemporary World Civilizations and Current Civilization Research. More than 60 experts, from Germany, Canada, Japan, Korea, Russia, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Tunghai University, Peking University, Northeast Normal University, Nanjing Normal University and Capital Normal University etc., attended the Forum. Professor Liu Wenming gave a speech on Change and Interaction: the Concepts of Civilization in China and Europe -A Perspective of Global History. International Forum on World Civilization held by center for comparative studies of world civilizations, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Macao Foundation; School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Nanjing Normal University and the Intellectual and Cultural Studies Center of SASS. This conference is held every two years.