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Conference on Future Directions and Development of Global History Review Successfully Held at CNU

The Global History Center of CNU History College held a meeting on May 10, 2013 to discuss the current achievement of its journal Global History Review, and promote its development in the future. Several persons who are in charge of editing from World History, Historical Research, Historiography Quarterly, Guangming Daily, People??s Publishing House, Higher Education Press, China Social Sciences Press, Shaanxi Normal University and Shanghai University are invited.

During the meeting, the Dean of History College of CNU gave a brief introduction of History College and Global History Center. Teaching members in GHC, Liang Zhanjun, Xia Jiguo and others introduced the Gobal History Review and talked about their thinking on this journal. The persons who are invited from publishing houses, journals, and universities all gave a high evaluation of the Global History Review and presented their suggestions and advices to the Review and expressed their good wishes to the development of the Review. The whole meeting, with warm and harmonious atmosphere from the beginning to the end, and all the presenters contributing actively to the discussion, is a big success.

The Global History Review was founded by the Global History Center (GHC) of Capital Normal University (CNU) to serve as the official journal of GHC. With Professor Liu Xincheng as the editor-in-chief, Global History Review?is produced annually in the form of serial volumes. The journal presents research papers and the relevant information on global history scholarship in China, including theory and methodology, case study, global history/world history teaching, scholars in focus, book review, academic news etc.

(text by Li Junshu, photo by Li Shan)