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Symposium on Cross-Cultural Exchange in World History Hosted in 2009


Professor Liu Xincheng gave a speech at the conference


International academic conferences on Interactions and co-existence of civilizationsintercontinental regionaland national exchanges of material and culture  sponsored by the global history center was held in Capital Normal University. There were about 40 scholars attending the conference from Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris University, University of Bristol, Durham University, State University of New York, University of Macau, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the school of history, CNU, etc.
This conference was on the topic of universality and individuality, and conflict and integration of civilization, concentrated on mutual influence and basis of civilization. It discussed the mutual influence of different cultures in civilization, region and powers, and the effect on the development of culture; it talked about interactions and co-existence of civilizations and regions, and nation and society from the distance belonging to different civilizations. This conference offered a platform to positive theory, as well as provided achievements about the research of individual cases with channel of communication. It concentrated whether it exist interactions and co-existence of civilizations by studying specific cases and how it happened, and whether we could construct a more reasonable international system or co-existing a pattern from interactions and co-existence of civilizations.
In two-day conference, scholars abroad and home communicated effectively and friendly, which made people know a lot about a global history, and offered an opportunity for a global history center.

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