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【From GHC】Professor Patrick Manning Visiting GHC and meeting with the researchers

On the morning of September 20th, Professor Patrick Manning visited GHC and have a meeting with the researchers and students.

Patrick Manning is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of World History, Emeritus, at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was founding director of the World History Center, 2008-2015. Manning served as president of the American Historical Association in 2016-2017. Trained as a specialist in the economic history of Africa, he has become a specialist in world history overall. He has published on African slave trade, global migration, and African diaspora as a dimension of global history. His Navigating World History and Migration in World History have been published in Chinese.

During the meeting, Prof. Manning first outlined the developing and tendency of global history. Mr. Sun Yue and Prof. Liu Wenming ask questions accordingly. Prof. Manning also talked about individual global history, the history of immigration, great divergence and how to get material of global history with other researchers and students.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Liu Wenming made conclusion and expressed the center’s gratitude to Prof. Patrick Manning.