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【From GHC】Professor Ivan Ilchev's Introduction about United Training Program of M.A.students in Balkan Research Studies


Professor Ivan Ilchev, former Rector of Sofia University, was invited to pay a visit to Center for Study of Civilizations(CSC),Capital Normal University and give a lecture on October 26th . As the director of Balkan research in History Department of Sofia University, Professor Ilchev gave a lecture entitled “united training of M.A.students in  Balkan research studies”,which is also one of the important academic activities of the CSC on the Balkan studies. Professor Liu Wenming,the deputy director, presided over the lecture.

Professor Ilchev’s lecture contained two parts. First,he gave an introduction about Sofia University. He said that Sofia University was founded in 1888 and had the longest history of higher education in Bulgaria. At present, there are about 14,000 students in this university, what’s more, 16 students of them are from China. Afterwards,Professor Ilchev’s lecture focused on the joint training of M.A.students. He pointed out the program applicants must have high English levels to answer the questions in professional field and give lectures. Moreover, tuition is also indispensable to the applicants. Although several successful programs have achieved good effects in Sofia University,the united training program also faces some difficulties such as low scholarships which were caused by economic problems, and the problem of mutual academic recognition from different ways of training between two different countries. In the end, Professor Liu and other center postgraduates also put forward a lot of questions about their own concern.

 Professor Ilchev’s lecture not only broadened our students’visions on studying abroad , but also strengthened the mutual exchanges and cooperations between our university and Sofia University. (Provided by Jing Lingling )