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【From GHC】Associate Professor Cao Yin’s presentation about Moulmein,a port in Burma,and the Long 19th Century


 Associate Professor Cao Yins presentation about Moulmein,a port in Burma,and the Long 19th Century

  On November 7th , Associate Professor Cao Yin, from History Department of Tsinghua University, was invited to pay a visit to Global History Center of Capital Normal University and give a lecture entitled Moulmein is small but you can find five religions. Professor Xia Jiguo presided over the lecture.

  Cao Yin started his presentation with his own experiences in Burma. There were a lot of humorous stories, interesting pictures and music in his lecture. He narrated four stories, which included Hokkien Miners, Bihari Cultivators, Gujarati traders and Cantonese Carpenters, constituting a global history. After a series of storytelling, he concluded that the long 19th century was the age of translocal and plural society. In the end, Professor Xia Jiguo and Yue Xiukun gave their insightful comments on this lecture and other  postgraduates from GHC   also asked questions they concerned.

  As a typical researcher in Global Microhistory,  Cao Yins  way of thinking made researchers and postgraduates of GHC enjoy a good speech. (Provided by Jing Lingling)