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Oxford Center of Global History:Gendering Internationalism - Gendering Jewish Internationalism(12 Mar—13 Mar)

  Gendering Internationalism - Gendering Jewish Internationalism(12 Mar—13 Mar.)

  Anne Summers, Rebecca Kobrin, Glenda Sluga, Deborah Hertz

  Dr. Jaclyn Granick and Professor Abigail Green, University of Oxford


  This workshop has two aims: first, to bring considerations of gender into international history; second, to reconceptualise international Jewish history as having a gendered dimension. This focus on the experience of a particular group of actors will allow for a more systematic engagement with the conceptual issues involved in gendering internationalism. While many of the papers will engage specifically in gendering Jewish internationalism, we also welcome papers which compare and contrast Jewish and non-Jewish experiences, and which use Jews to think about gendering international history more generally. We would furthermore encourage contributions from those whose work features Jewish actors - both women and men - but who do not necessarily situate them within the framework of Jewish history; as well as from those who work on gendering internationalism from a variety of comparable perspectives, such as diaspora, religion, nation, and ethnicity.

  The workshop will explore how hierarchical relations between men and women, social and cultural constructions of masculinity/femininity, organizational structures and asymmetries, division of labor along gender lines, and relationships among activists vary according to certain gender dynamics, and how they interacted with a variety of internationalist commitments, ideologies, and causes. This could include secularism, spirituality, and religious commitments; liberalism and the habits of diasporic belonging; or socialism/Bundism, pacifism, nationalism/Zionism, trafficking, migration/refugees, and communism.