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【From GHC】Professor Liu Xincheng and Xia Jiguo Was Invited as the Keynote Speakers at the Reading Salon hosted by Ye Jia Xuan Bookstore in Tsinghua University



   On November 11th, the new launch about the book, The Origins of the Modern World ( third edition), was hosted by the Commercial Press at Ye Jia Xuan Bookstore in Tsinghua University. Professor Liu Xincheng and Xia Jiguo from Global History Center of Capital Normal University were invited as keynote speakers .  

  The author of The Origins of the Modern World is Robert B. Marks, an American Professor of environmental history from Southern California Whittier College, and the interpreter is Professor Xia Jiguo. The third edition of this book broke the Eurocentric narrative of modern world history, and told a history in a concise and clear language building a set of global, environmental diagram of modern history. The author put Asia and environment in a very prominent position, and stressed that China and India were trade centers and the engine in early modern world . According to the latest statistics from foreign press, more than 150 colleges and universities in the United States have listed it as a textbook and a must-read book.

    In the dialogue, Professor Liu Xincheng said, Marks's argument was that the west could be able to modernize because of the participation of different parts of the world. Without the participation of the east, especially without the participation of Asia and America, western civilization could not have been the first to modernize. This is the way in which Marks used global history to study the beginning of global history to form a new explanation. As the interpreter, Professor Xia Jiguo pointed out that the research vision on the origin of the modern world should be broadened. Not just to stare at great geographical discovery, but to reveal the great international context . In this view, the most striking thing is the Indian Ocean trading system. As a rigorous historian, professor Liu Xincheng also pointed out that the study of global history should be treated more objectively and rationally.

  In the end, Professor Liu Xincheng and Xia Jiguo answered questions from audience and all the questioners on the scene were awarded with this new book.

   (Edited By Jing Lingling)