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The Crisis and Anxiety of Historical Reason After Postmodernism


  On November 29th,  Professor Dong Lihe, from School of History of Beijing Normal University, was invited by GHC to give a lecture entitled “The Crisis and Anxiety of Historical Reason After Postmodernism”. Professor Liu Wenming, the executive director of GHC, presided over the lecture.

  Professor Dong Lihe started his lecture with the concept of historical reason, which was distinguished into the reason of history and the reason of historiography. He said that with the rise of postmodernism, there was a paradigm shift in western historiography, therefore historians focused on historical fragments. The coming results might be harmful to meta-narrative of history, and lead to the crisis of historical reason. Postgraduates and researchers attended raised some questions they concerned.

  (Edited By Jing Lingling)