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【From GHC】Lecture About the October Revolution in the Minds of Bulgaria

  On December 7th , Dr. Ma Xipu, Director of European Chamber of Social Development Research Center under the State Council of P.R.C., Chief Expert of  Center For Study of Civilizations of Capital Normal University, gave a lecture entitled “The October Revolution in the Minds of Bulgaria: 100th Anniversary Observance ”. This lecture was chaired by Professor Liu Wenming.

  First of all, Dr. Ma Xipu started his lecture with the general introduction of the international academic seminar about the 100th anniversary of the victory of the October Revolution. Then, he presented Bulgarians’ attitudes towards the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution in such aspects as the memorial activities, socialist published articles and reports and other communist viewpoints. In the end, Dr. Ma Xipu carefully answered the questions raised by students and Professor Liu Wenming gave his comments on pluralism of historical evaluation.

  Researchers and students attended enjoyed this lecture. Dr. Ma Xipu’s research experiences and rigorous academic spirit not only inspired students in the historical research method, but also set a good example to the students in the aspect of historiographical attitude.

(Edited By Jing Lingling)