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【From GHC】Thesis Proposal of postgraduate graduated in 2018 was held

On December 26, 2017, GHC held thesis proposal of postgraduate graduated in 2018. Prof. Liu Wenming, Prof. Xia Jiguo, Prof. Shi Cheng and Dr. Yue Xiukun attended. Some other postgraduates and PhD candidates also audited.

The thesis proposal was hosted by Prof. Xia. Seven postgraduate students presented their thesis significance, literature review, research framework and innovations to demonstrate their researches. Their study covered Cyprus in middle ages, Venetian Jewish Ghetto of 16th-17th century, Spanish Catholic priest in Mexico(1524-1700),British establishment of fiscal-military state in early modern times, Australian’s view of Indian Rebellion of 1857 in late 19th century, Jewish immigrant in New Zealand in 19th century and a research on John Leighton Stuart with intercultural perspective.

Prof .Liu, Prof Xia, Prof. Shi and Dr. Yue gave comments and advice on the students’ proposal. All the students presented benefited from the teachers’guidance which shed light on their future study.  (Edited by Chen Qiang)