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【From GHC】Professor Dominic’s Lecture on the Research of Global History in Germany and the U.S.


    On March 29th, Professor Dominic Sachsenmaier, Director of the East Asia Department of University of Gottingen in Germany, Chairman of American Toynbee Prize Foundation and a visiting professor at Global History Center of Capital Normal University, was invited by GHC to give a lecture entitled “Global History: Research in Germany and the United States”. Professor Liu Wenming presided over the lecture.
    Professor Dominic is an old friend of GHC, so he started his presentation with self-introduction in Chinese. He not only told us about the recent facets and the research fields in the U.S. in global history, but also introduced the recent debate on the political connotations of global history. What was more valuable was that he illustrated some notable nationalist rhetorics globally with a map. In the end, Professor Liu Wenming gave his insightful comments on this lecture.
After the lecture, several teachers and students from GHC  asked questions they concerned. All the audiences present enjoyed the lecture. (Edited by Jing Lingling)