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【From GHC】GHC held PhD Thesis Defense of 2018


On the afternoon of May 8th 2018, GHC held PhD thesis defense of PhD candidates who will graduate in 2018. Six scholars attended the defense, including Prof. Zhang Xushan of Tsinghua Unitersity, Prof. Yi Zhaoyin of Shanghai Normal University, Prof. Liu Wenming, Prof. Xia Jiguo, Prof. Shi Cheng, and associate professor Yue Xiukun from CNU. Prof. Zhang chaired the committee.
Two students demonstrated the theme, method, and significance of their papers. Miss. Gao Zhaojing has done the research on the peace thought and activities of Women’s Peace Party of America, 1915-1919. Her research discussed the purpose and objective of Women’s Peace Party by stating the awakening of feminist consciousness, female’s view of peace and their identity, and the context of women’s movement and international peace movement. The study concluded that Women’s Peace Party served as a link between the past and the future and there is profound impact of their ideology. Miss Ma Zhongling’s paper mainly focused on relationship between the British Migration from 17th to 19th Century and the globalization of English. This research studied how English gradually became a language with global significance, which was accompanied by British expansion and its development of politics, economy and culture. According to the thesis, the process of English globalization can be divided into three stages, namely the beginning, with English went aboard and got touch with the aliens; the promotion, with British emigrant and the widely spread of English; the enhancement, with English was accepted all over the world. 

Professors attended pose questions accordingly. They also gave comments and advises of the study. Prof. Yi affirmed the academic merit of Miss Gao Zhaojing’s thesis, while she also encouraged her to enhance the study by seek further influence of the ideology of Women’s Peace Party. Miss Ma Zhongling’s effort and dissertation was also highlighted. Professors advised her to improve her study by detailing the relationship between the emigrant and the diffusion of the language. Finally , the two students passed the oral defense and becomes a “candidate” for PhD degree.

(Edited by Chen Qiang)