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International Forum on “Global History and the shared Future of the Human Community” was Held by Global History Center

  On June 29th, the International Forum on “Global History and the shared Future of the Human Community” was held by Global History Center of Capital Normal University at Jinlongtan Hotel. This academic forum attracted more than 20 experts and scholars from seven countries, including China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, India and Brazil.

  The opening session was presided over by Professor Liu Wenming, Director of the Global History Center of Capital Normal University. Professor Liu introduced every scholar who attended this forum. Professor Wang Desheng, Division Chief of Social Sciences Administration of Capital Normal University, expressed his hope to promote the cooperation between Capital Normal University and international academia. Professor Liu Yi, Dean of School of History of Capital Normal University, also showed a warm welcome to the guests and gave his wishes for the forum.

  The academic conference was divided into four sessions. Session One was chaired by Professor Xia Jiguo and four speakers stated their research. Professor Patrick Manning, the former President of American Historical Association, from University of Pittsburgh of USA, expressed his opinion on the natural and social science in human evolution. Professor Guo Changgang, Director of Institute of Global Studies of Shanghai University, thought of shared future of the human community as a brand new stage of globalization. Professor Liu Wenming reviewed the process of globalization from Karl Marx’s “world history”, and presented a new idea that China’s “ Belt and Road Initiative” was a new way of globalization. Professor Leo Lucassen, Research Director of the International Institute of Social History from Netherlands, gave his presentation on globalizing migration history. Professor Guo Changgang was the topical organizer of Session Two. In this session, Professor Alexandre Fortes from Brazil first introduced the advances and challenges of global history in Brazil. Researcher Zhao Bing from France gave her presentation on enamels exchanges between France and China. Professor Xia Jiguo and Zhang Xupeng also expressed their own points on national history. Session Three focused on ocean and environmental history and was chaired by Yang Bin from University of Macau. Professor Rila Mukherjee from India, Robert Fletcher from UK, and associate professor Wang Hua and Fei Sheng gave their presentations related to their own study. The topical organizer of Session Four was Professor Sun Yue. There were five speakers expressing their opinions, which included Sun Yue, Chen Xiaohua, Kong Yuan, Zeng Jinhua and Chen Qiang.

  Professor Liu Wenming presided over the closing session. He concluded the achievements of the forum and gave his wishes for scholars attending the conference. GHC students also raised some questions on their own concern. All the attenders benefit a lot from this international forum.

  (Jing Lingling)