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Introduction to Our Journal —Global History Review

  The Global History Review was founded by the Global History Center (GHC) of Capital Normal University (CNU) to serve as the official journal of GHC, which was given name by George G. Iggers, an worldwide?authority of historiography. With the president of CNU, Professor Liu Xincheng as the editor-in-chief, Global History Review?is to be produced annually in the form of serial volumes. The first volume came out in 2008 and the second in 2009. The journal presents research papers and the relevant information on global history scholarship in China, including theory and methodology, case study, global history/world history teaching, scholars in focus, book review, academic news etc.

  Appeared in the 1960s?as an academic retrospection and response to the deepening globalization trend in the field of history scholarship, global history is evolving into a fast-developing discipline, addressed by the historians and scholars all over the world. It examines history from a global perspective, focusing especially on cultural or civilizational interactions crossing the boundaries of national states and regions. Its multi-disciplinary historical analysis perspective has greatly influenced the current history scholarship. Chinese global history?research is at its beginning, yet it has brought the extensive attention of scholars and has the potential to become a new academic catalyst. It is the sincere hope of the founder of the journal, the Global History Center (GHC) of Capital Normal University (CNU) that the Global History Review will serve as the forum, promoting the global history scholarship among Chinese scholars.


Academic advisors: Kenneth L Pomeranz (USA), Dominic Sachsenmaier (Germany)

Editor-in-chief: Liu Xincheng

Edited by: Liu Xincheng, Xia Jiguo, Liang Zhanjun, Liu Wenming, Shi Cheng, Chen Zhijian, Sun Yue, Yue Xiukun

Published by: Social Sciences Academic Press, Beijing, China