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Jiang Mei (江 湄)

Basic Information:

Jiang Mei

Professor of History

School of History

Capital Normal University,Beijing

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Education Background:

Beijing Normal University        History                           Ph.D.   1997

Lanzhou University                 History                            M.A    1994

Lanzhou University                 History                             B.A      1991


Academic Positions

Professor                        2008               Beijing Capital Normal University

Associate Professor      2000               Beijing Capital Normal University

Lecturer                          1997                Beijing Capital Normal University


Fellowships Attended

Member of Chinese Historical theory Association


Research field

Thehistory of Chinese ancient historiography particularly Song and Yuan dynasties; Chinese ancient cultural and intellectual history particularly Song and Yuan dynasties.

Modern transformation of Chinese historiography and scholarship.

The trend of historical research and thought in recent 30 years.




1. Books

The Trend of Historical research in The Reform Age (Beijing, The Contemporary China Press, 2001.)



1. Discourse of “WangDao” from the Learning of Chunqiu(春秋学)by the Scholars in Northern Song Dynasty and Its Relation of Arguments

Researches 7(2007):27-36

2. Rectifying the Regulations of “world as family”by the Rationalty of “World as public”:Discourse of “WangDao” from the Learning of Chunqiu in Middle-Tang Dynasty and Its Historical Meanings

History Of Chinese Philosophy 4(2006):48-56

3.  From “the Great Unification” to the Discourse of “Orthodoxy”:The Evolution of Historical Thought from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty

Historiography Quarterly 4(2006):36-46

4. The New Realm of “Between Heaven and Man”(天人之际):How did the Scholar in Song Dynasty expound the relation between “Heaven”and “man”

Journal Of Historical Theory And Historiography 2006:151-175

5. A Review on the Thinking Value of Chinese Traditional Historiography under a Post-modern View

  Academic Research 3(2008):115-119

6.The Evolution of the Discourse of “Orthodoxy” And its Cultrual function

  Learning and Research(4)2008:32-38

7.History、Thinking and the Time:A Review on Six Volumes History of Chinese Historiography Edited by Baishouyi(白寿彝)

  Journal Of Historical Theory And Historiography 2008:216-227

8.The Discourse of “Versatility and Evolution”(通变)in Song and Yuan Dynasties

   Learning and Research(1)2007:102-110

9.What is However “political Confucianism”?—–A Review on Political Confucianism Writed by JiangQing(蒋庆)


10.The Rise of the Discourse of “Orthodoxy”and the Change of the Idea of History

Journal Of Historical Science(9)2004:16-18

11.What is “Dao of Han”(汉道)?—–A Review on Politics and the Learning of ChunQiu (春秋学) in Han Dynasty Writed by ChenSuZhen(陈苏镇)

     21th Century(HongKong)(2)2003

12.The Pattern of the Balanced and Flourishing Age(治世) in The Biography of Important Minister in Yuan Dynasty(元朝名臣事略)Writed by SuTianJue(苏天爵)


13.The Learning of ZuoZhuan (《左传》学) in Han Dynasty and the Formation of Chinese Ancient Concept of Historiography

  Journal Of History Research Of Capital Normal University 2001:120-135

14.The Revival of Confucianism in the Middle Tang Dynasty and the Change of the Concept of Historiography

   HeBei Academic Journal(3)2000:97-103

15.The Development and Characteristics of The Historical Idea of Validity in Ancient China

     Historiography Quarterly(3)1999:10-20

16.OuYangXuan(欧阳玄) and the Historiography in Yuan Dynasty

    Journal Of BeiJing Normal University(3)1997:94-103

17.The Discourse of “Orthodoxy” and the Historical thought in Yuan Dynasty

    Study Of Chinese History (3)1996:35-43

18.SuTianJue(苏天爵) and the Historiography in Yuan Dynasty

The Knowledge Of Literature and History(10)1995:21-27

19.The Thinking Meaning of the Historical Method in ShiTong(史通) writed by LiuZhiJi(刘知几) in Tang Dynasty

Journal Of LanZhou University(4)1994:35-44

20.Learning,Morality,Custom and Politics in ZhangTaiYan’s“QiWu”(齐物)world:ZhangTaiYan’s Particular Idea of “Learning” and His Reconstruction of Chinese Intellectural History

HongKong City University”ZhangTaiYan and The Learning in Modern East-Asia” Acadamic Conference,12/2010;

21.FuSiNian’s(傅斯年)  General View on China History


22.A Study on the Confucian Characteristics of LiangQiChao’s(梁启超) Idea of  “Learning”

Journal Of History of Historiography(4)2009:20-31

23.A Study on LiangQichao’s (梁启超)reconstruction of Confucianism and his Intention in New Culture Movement

Journal Of Danjiang University(TaiWan) 6(2009):129-161

24.Confucian and Buddhist Factors in LiangQichao’s(梁启超) Historical Thought

Journal Of Journal Of Historical Science 4(2008):17-25

25.An Enlightenment from LiangQiChao(梁启超)’s Nationalist View of History Education

Academic Research(12)2002:29-32

26.QianMu(钱穆) in Chinese Historical Science of 20th Century

History Teaching(5)1999:18-23

27.The Study on Hushi and the Change of Thought in recent 30 years


28.The Discourse of “Chinese Culture” in Chinese Educational Circles Since 1980th

The Knowleage Status of the time, Edited by台湾社会研究季刊社2007年12月

29.Is There the “Unity but Difference”World:The Problem of Universalism and Particularity

Journal Of Capital Normal University(6)2005:127-130

30.Origin and Orientation of “NEW Social History” in 1990th
Sociological Studies 2(2005):233-240

31.New Paradigm of Historical science and New General view on Chinese History:A Review on The Temple Fairs and the Folk Society Since Ming and Qing Dynasties writed by ZhaoShiYu(赵世瑜)

Journal Of Historical Science(2)2004:95-102

32.Positivism and Chinese Contemporary Historical science

Journal Of Historical Science(3)2001:8-16

33.Chinese Contemporary Historical Science in a Dilemma:A Review on “Historical Crisis”

Journal Of Capital Normal University(4)2001:1-7

34.Culture Craze, Cultural History and The Reform on Chinese Contemporary Historiography

Journal Of Capital Normal University(5)1999:15-21


 Research Projects of Fund

1998-2000:” The Trend of Historical Research in The Reform Age ” financed by The Department of Education of BeiJing

2005-2010:“The Transformation of Research Paradigm of Chinese Intellectual History in 20th Century” financed by The Department of
Education of BeiJing

2007-  present :“Historiography of Northern Song Dynasty and The Revival of Confucianism ” financed by National Social Science Fund

2010- present :”The New Textbook of History of Chinese Historiography”financed by The Department of Education