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Wang Yongping (王 永平)

Global History Center
School of History
Capital Normal University

Education background:
Peiking University, B.A. in history (1981-1985)
Shanxi University, M.A. in history (1986-1988)
Capital Normal University, PhD. in history (1992-1995)

Working Experience:
After graduating from Capital Normal University, Dr. Wang has been teaching in School of History in Capital Normal University. He was the director of research office for Ancient China History. His main teaching and researching focus is on Chinese ancient history and ancient cultural history.

Current Research Orientation:
Dr. Wang’s research is mainly on ancient Chinese history, ancient cultural history, religious history, and social life history; furthermore, his orientation is on the period of Sui, Tang, and Wudai dynasties.

Achievements in research:
Published Books:
Games, Tournament and Entertainment —-Perspective on Social Life in Ancient Times, published by Zhonghua Book Company, 2010.
History of Tang Dynasty, published by Zhonghua Book Company, 2010.
Daoism and Tang Society, published by Capital Normal University Press, 2002
Entertainment and Recreation in Tang Dynasty, published by Northwest University Press, 1995
Co-worked: Catalogue Compilation of Researching Materials on Imperial Collection of Four(1773-2003), published by Commercial Press, 2010
Editor in chief: General History of Chinese Culture: the Volume of Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, published by Central Party School Press, 2009.

Published Academic Dissertation
The Change of Xunzi Academic Position and the Trend of Culture in Tang and Song Dynasty, Academic Monthly, 2008, 06
Temple Fair and Theatre in Chang’an of the Tang Dynasty——the Origin and Combination of Temple Fair and Theatre in the Mediaeval Times, Hebei Academic Journal, 2008, 06
On Folk Beliefs in Shanxi during the Tang Dynasty, Journal of Shanxi University (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2004, 1
The Worship for Mountain-Gods in the Tang Dynasty, Journal of Capital Normal University, 2004, 6
Management Measure for Taoism in Tang Dynasty, Journal of Shanxi Teachers University, 2002, 1
Discussing the Developmental Scale of Taoism in the Tang Dynasty, Journal of Capital Normal University, 2002, 6
The Obscene Folk Temples and the Change of the Prevailing Habits and Customs in Tang Dynasty, Journal of Historical Science, 2000, 5
On Boy’s Imperial Examination, Qilu Journal, 2001, 3
Discussing “Ghost Tao” in Tang Dynasty, Journal of Capital Normal University, 2001, 6

Honor Received:
1988, he won the first prize of High Education Teaching of Beijing.
2000, he was honored as the National outstanding teacher of Huo Yingdong Education Foundation
2001, he was selected as one of the Hundred Social Science theorists in Beijing
2004, he won the second prize of outstanding achievement in Beijing’s eighth Philosophy and Social Science Competition.
2005, he was honored as diaphysis teacher of Beijing’s high education.