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Chen Xiaohua (陈 晓华)

Dr. Chen Xiaohua (born in 1972, Chongqing, China). Graduated from Chongqing Normal Institute (1992), she has worked as a Chinese language teacher in a high school for 6 years. Then, she was awarded a master degree in Chinese literature from Southwest Normal University (2001), and then taught at the same university. Following this, she gained her PhD in history from Beijing Normal University (2004). In the same year, she started working at History School of Capital Normal University. Now she is an associate professor and advisor for master degree students. In the meanwhile, she is working as a postdoctoral researcher. Dr. Chen Xiaohua’s teaching and research fields range from historical documents, traditional Chinese culture, to global history and history of Ming & Qing dynasties.

    Dr. Chen Xiaohua directed some research projects sponsored by National Social Sciences Fund for young scholars, Chinese Ministry of Education and Beijing City Board of Education, in 2005. She was awarded as a young talent working at Beijing local universities sponsored by an intensifying teaching project in 2009. In addition to the several books finished alone or coordinated with other writers, she had about 40 papers published in various academic journals.


Education & Working Experiences:

  • 2009.6.20——7.20   visiting scholar at Vienna University
  • 2008.9——          postdoctoral fellow in global history, History Department of Capital Normal University, China
  • 2004.12 ——        lecturer-associate professor at History Department of Capital Normal University, China
  •  2001.9——2004.7    doctor degree student at Ancient Books Research Institute of Beijing Normal University , China
  • 2001.7——2004.12    lecturer at Institute of Chinese Language and Literature of South West Normal University, China
  • 1998.9——2001.7    master degree student at Institute of Chinese Language and Literature of South West Normal University, China
  • 1992.7——1998.7       junior high school Chinese teacher in 1st middle school affiliated with Chongqing TianFu Bureau of Mines, China
  • 1990.9——1992.7       student in Chinese Department of Chongqing Normal Institution, major in Chinese  secretary  education, China

Research Works:


  • Studies on the Catalogue History of ‘The Four Collections of Books’ (The Commercial Press, 2008)
  • The Four Collections of Books and Chinese Intellectuals of the 18th Century(Social Sciences Academic Press, 2009)


  • The Well-Known Families for Chinese Culture:Bashu Volume  (Hubei Education Press, 2002)
  • Studies on ‘ History of Huayang State’(Bashu Publishing House, 2008 )

Teaching materials:

           (with other writers) Introduction to  Chinese Traditional Documents (Central China Normal University Press,  2008)


1)    Lu Zuofu and Beibei’s Educational ConstructionSichuan Education College Journal, 2000 (Combined Issue1& 2).

2)    On the Music of the Ancient Ba People, Xiangtan Normal College Journal2000 (2).

3)    On Changqu’s People-Oriented Thoughts from HuaYangGuoZhithe Language, Literature & History Anthology, 2000(8), the Publishing House of Southwest Normal University

4)    On Lu Zuofu’s Rural Education Ideas, Anthology of Studies on Lu Zuofu, the Publishing House of Peking University2000

5)    About Lu Zuofu’s Incorruptible Government Management in Beibei Xiafang BureauChongqing Social Science Journal2001 (1). (As the 2nd author) )

6)    Summary on Chronology of HuaYang Guo Zhi, Ancient Books Studies2001(4)  

7)    Unprecedented Folk Songs Collection Feat—— Note on Southwest Folk Songs Collection records and Its Editor Liu Zhaoji, China Book Review, 2001 (2)

8)    Two Precious Manuscripts by Wen Yiduo & Zhu Ziqing, New Historical Literature, 2001(3)

9)    A Local Chronicle Propagating the Unity—Comment on HuaYangGuoZhiChina Book Review, 2001 (12)

10)A Brief Studies on The Catalogue of the Four Collections of Books in the 20th Century, Library and Information Service, 2002(11)

11)Chenyuan and the Four Collections of BooksLibrary Journal, 2002(3)

12)On Lu Zuofu’s Ideas and Practice of Rural Financial Development, Journal of Southwest China Normal University, 2002 (5). (As the 2nd author)

13)The Revelation on Chenyuan’s Set-up for Source of History Practicum, Guangming Daily, May 18, 2002. (As the 2nd author)

14)Recent Studies and Conceptions on The Catalogue of the Four Collections of Books, Library and Information Service, 2003(9)

15)Chang Qu’s Historical Ideologies from Hua Yang Guo Zhi, Journal of Historical Science, 2003(11)

16)Studies on the Compilation of Banned Books Catalogue, Journal of Beijing Normal University, 2003 (special issue)

17)Century-long Thought on the Discipline Construction for Chinese Historical Documents, Historical Documentation Studies, Vol. 2. (As the 2nd author)

18)Variety of Narration or No Records ——Reading of Zhou Shaochuan’s Studies on Yuan Dynasty IdeologiesChina Book Review, 2003(12)

19)Zhang Xuecheng and His Book Editing in Siku Library, The Collected Papers for Zhang Xuecheng International Symposium, Beijing Library Press, 2004

20)Comparison of the Synopses in Three Types for the Four Collections of Books, Capital Normal University Periodical2005 (3)

21)An Outline of the Chronological Studies on The Catalogue of the Four Collections of BooksHistorical Documentation Studies, Vol. 24.

22)The Examination on the Origin of SiKu Banned Books Catalogue, Jiang Huai Forum,2005 (4)

23)The Features of the Historical Reviews on Zhengtang Reading Notes, Historiography Quarterly2006 (1)

24)Zhang Xuecheng and the Four Collections of Books,Journal of Historiography, 2006(1)

25)A Brief Account of The Catalogue Studies of the Four Collections of Books, Journal of South West Normal University, 2006(4)

26)Zhuism Learning in Qing Dynasty,Zhuism Journal, 2006(12)

27)Reflections on Discipline Building-up & Teaching for Historical Documentation, History Teaching, 2007(2)

28)Zhengtang Reading Notes as the continuation of the Four Collections of Books, Journal of Capital Normal University, 2007 (3).

29)Reading The Catalogue of the Four Collections of Books, ___ the Construction of a Harmonious Society through the Scientific Concept of Development:the Selected Works for CCP Members & Government Officials Theory Studies, Red Flag Press, 2007

30)On YuJiaxi’s Reseach Method Applied in the Verification of the Summary on the Four Collections of Books, The Documentation, 2008(1)

31)On the Historical Value of Compiling the Four Collections of Books Summary, Journal of Historiography, 2008 (4)

32)The Omissions in the Compilation of the Four Collections of Books in Qianlong Period, Journal of Historical Science, 2008(12)

33)The Outline of Historical Documents Ideological Studies, The Collected Papers on Mr. NingKe’s 80th Anniversary, Chinese Social Science Press, 2008

34)ZhuYun and The Compilation of the Four Collections of Books, the Studies on Historical Documentation, Vol. 27, East China Normal University Press,2008

35)On Painting and Calligraphy by Qian Qianyi —— the Case Study of the Colophon for JIANG YUN LOU, Chinese Calligraphy, 2008(5)

36)Self, Others and the Construction of a Harmonious Society ——Reflections in the Perspective of the Global History, Historical Criticism and Historical Cultural Studies, Heilong Jiang People’s Press, 2009

37)On Painting and Calligraphy by Su Shi —— the Case Study of Su Dongpo’s Colophon, Chinese Calligraphy, 2009(9)

38)On the Academic Value of making-up Compilation of The Catalogue of the Four Collections of Books, Historiography Quarterly, 2010(1)

Research Projects:

  • Participation in the studies on Lu Zuofu’s Rural Build-up Patterns, the Project of National Social Sciences Fund, 1996
  • Participation in the studies on History of Huayang State,Ancient Books Committee for Chinese Colleges and Universities, 1998
  • Participation in the translation work of Ming Dynasty History,  the mandated project
  • Taking Part in the edition of the Well-Known Families for Chinese Culture:Bashu Volume, the mandated project
  • Proofreading  the Complete Literature of Yuan Dynasty: Zhang Qiyan & Li Qixian, the Project of National Social Sciences Fund
  • Directing the History of Studies on the catalogue of the Four Collections of Books, the optional project by National Social Sciences Fund for Young Scholars, 2005
  • Participation in the studies on the Four Collections of Books and Chinese Traditional Culture, the key project by Beijing City Board of Education, 2006
  • In charge of Teaching Reform for Historical Literature, teaching reform project approved by Capital Normal University, 2006
  • In charge of Ming & Qing Dynasty History Curriculum Building, Capital Normal University Curriculum Building project, 2008
  • Participation in the studies on multi-cultural interaction and coexistence in world historythe research platform for global history & general world history ___  the key social science projects sponsored by Ministry of Education, China, 2008
  • Participation in the research topics subsidized by the scientific innovation platform for Beijing local colleges & universities, 2008
  • Set up a Young Talent Training Scheme approved by Intensifying Teaching  project for Beijing Local Universities,  2009