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Shi Cheng (施 诚)

Teaching Courses:

Ancient World History (Undergraduate students)

Medieval world History (Undergraduate students)

European Renaissance (Undergraduate students)

World Civilizations (Undergraduate students; English-Chinese Bilingual Teaching)

Global History (graduate students)

Early Modern Europe (graduate students)


Main Publications:


Financial History of Medieval England, Commercial Press, 2010

Arts and Science in Renaissance Europe,Shanghai Science and Technology Press, 2002


God’s Peace Movement in Medieval Europe, Historical Research, No. 1, 2001

On the Principle that King Should “lives on his own”, World History,No.1, 2003

Book Review: The Story of aRenaissanceCity: Urbino, Sixteenth Century Journal, Summer 2005.

The Concept of “Early Modern” in Global History, Historiography Quarterly, No.4, 2009

The Teaching of world History and the Rise of Global History in the United States, Historiography Quarterly, No.4, 2010