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Xia Jiguo (夏 继果)

Prof. Xia Jiguo

Personal Information

Family name:     Xia

First name:       Jiguo

Sex:             Male

Date and place of birth: Oct. 1964,ShandongProvince, P. R. China

Nationality:       Han Chinese

Marital Status:     Married

Title:            Dr. and Professor of History



Education Background

1996  Capital Normal University History Department, Ph.D in History (Prof. Qi Guogan as the Supervisor).

1989  Beijing Normal College History Department,MAin History (Prof. Qi Guogan as the Supervisor)

1986  Qufu Normal University History Department, BA in History.


Work Experiences

2001-present  History Department (Schoolof History) ofCapitalNormalUniversity

 2002-2006  Vice-Dean of History Department

2003.12   Doctoral Supervisor Qualification

2006.8-2007.5  Visiting Scholar inStateUniversityofNew YorkatCortland

1989-2001   Qufu Normal University History Department

1996-2001  Vice-Dean of History Department

1999   Professor of History


Research Interests

British History;Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World;The Relationship between Christian Europe and Islamic Arab.


Major Academic Achievements

Monograph and Compilation:

A Study on the Foreign Policy during Elizabethan I period,Beijing: The Commercial Press. 1999.8.

The Global History reader,Beijing: Peking University Press. 2010 (With Jerry Bentley).



Lewis Coser, Men of Ideas.Taipei: Laurel Book Company.1992;Beijing: Central Compilation & Translation Press. 2001 (Chapter 5, Chapter 6, and Section 1 of Chapter 11).

Immanuel Wallerstein, The Modern World-System.Taipei: Laurel Book Company. Feb.,1998 (The Second Translator out of Three).

Charles Homer Haskins, The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century. Shanghai: Shanghai People’s Publishing House. 2005.

Robert B. Marks, The Origins of the Modern World: a Global and Ecological Narrative.Beijing: The Commercial Press. 2006.



World History (Ancient times) (about 390,000 characters), Shandong University Press, 1999(1st edition). (The Second Chief-Editor out of Two), which is a standard textbook for humanity majors in colleges and universities ofShandong province.

Teaching Reference of World History (Ancient times), Shandong University press, 2001(1st edition). (The Second Chief–Editor out of Two).

Journal Publications:

 “The Domestic and Foreign Policy of William Cecil(1572—1588)”,World History,1991.3. Reprinted by Photo Copy Resources of People’s University, World History, 1991.10.

“A New Probe on the Causes of British Price Revolution”, Qilu Journal, 1994.5.

“The Foreign Policy and Business Expansion of Elizabethan I”, Qilu Journal, 1996.5. Reprinted by Photo Copy Resources of People’s University, World History, 1996.12.

“The Foreign Policy of Elizabethan Government and The Successful Settlement of Scotland Problem”Journal of Capital Normal University,1997.6. Reprinted by Photo Copy Resources of People’s University, World History, 1998.2.

“The Relationship between Elizabethan’s Marriage Negotiation and Foreign Policy”, Qilu Journal, 1998.2.

“Francis Drake’s Global Navigation and Elizabethan’s Diplomacy”, History Teaching and Research, 1998.3.

 “An Appraisal on British Policy During English Anti-Spain War(1588—1604)”, World History, 1998.4. Reprinted by Photo Copy Resources of People’s University, World History, 1998.10.

“On the Formation of UKas a SovereignState”, Qilu Journal, 1999.2. Reprinted by Photo Copy Resources of People’s University, World History, 1999.07.

“The Elizabethan Government and the Netherlands Revolution: the Foreign Policy of Balance of Powers”,Journal of Capital Normal University, 1999.3. Reprinted by Photo Copy Resources of People’s University, World History, 1999.09.

“A New Probe on Causes of British Victory over Spanish Armada”, Journal of Liaocheng Teachers University, 1999.3.

“A Transformation of British Foreign Policy: From Middle Ages to Modern Times”, World History, 1999.4, the main arguments of which were extracted and published in Xinhua Digest, 2000.01.

“The Formation of British Diplomacy Pattern in Modern Times”, Yantai Teachers College Journal, 1999.4.

“The Foundation and Development of English Navy in Tudor Period”, Qilu Journal,2001.6.

“On the Treaty of Blois”,The Northern Forum,2002.4.

“A Review on the Book: Oriental Academic Systems Affect Western World and the Renaissance of Western Cultures, World History, 2003.4.

“Strengthen Cooperation and Promote the Construction and Development of World History”, World History, 2004.2.

“Haskins and The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century”, Historiography Quarterly,2004.3.

“Elyot’s Thought on Gentlemen’s Education”, Qilu Journal,2005.3.

“Traditional Research and Teaching Methodology of World History Demands Improvements”(the Second Author), World History, 2006.1

“A Survey Report: World History Teaching at Universities and Colleges of China”, World History, 2006.3.

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“The Formation and Collapse of ‘Darkness of Medieval Ages’ ”, Chinese Social Sciences Today, 2011(4).4.26.

“13th Century: There is Such a Religious Debate”, Guangming Daily, 2011(14).9.15.

“A New Historiography of World History”, Guangming Daily, 2011(5). 9.25.


Academic Projects:

1997-1998   AStudy on the Foreign Policy during Elizabethan I Period, a Social Sciences Project inShandongProvince.

1998-1999   Textbook: World History(Ancient times), an Important Innovative Project for Textbooks and Curriculum for the 21st Century in Shandong Province.

2003-2006             Education and Social Change in Tudor England,sponsored by Beijing Municipal Talents Project.

2009      “The Interaction and Symbiosis of Major Civilizations in 7-13th Century”, a Sub-Project of “A Study of Interaction and Symbiosis among Civilizations in World History” (a Key Research Project of Humanities and Social Sciences under MOE ).


Awards and Prizes:

1999     Second Prize of 14th Excellent Achievements of Social Sciences in Shandong Province: The Appraisal on British Policy during the English Anti-Spain warWorld History, 1998.4).

2000     Second Prize of 15th Excellent Achievements of Social Sciences in Shandong Province: A study on the Foreign Policy during Elizabethan I period,Beijing: The Commercial Press.1999.8.

2000    Second Prize of Outstanding Teaching Achievements in Shandong Province: World HistoryAncient times(Textbook).

2004     One of the Top 10 most Popular Teachers inCapitalNormalUniversity.

2006     selected for the Young and Middle-aged Teachers Training Project of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.


Courses Taught:

Courses that have been taught to graduates and undergraduates are as follows: World Ancient History; The World History in the Medieval Ages; Selected Readings of Marxist and Leninist Works; The History of Western Diplomatic Thoughts; The History of Expansion and Hegemony on Seas; World Religions Studies; Research on Tudor England History; Selected Readings of Global History Works; Translation of Historical Works; Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World; Classic Readings of World History Works.


Current Research Orientation:

Prof. Xia Jiguo has been engaged in teaching and studies of global history since 2006. His earlier focus is on translation and introduction of academic works on global history. In 2009,Prof. Xia took part in a Key Research Project of Humanities and Social Sciences under Ministry of Education “A Study of Interaction and Symbiosis among Civilizations in World History” which is directed by Professor Liu Xincheng,and undertook a sub-project “Interaction and Symbiosis among Major Civilizations in Eurasia and Africa in 7-13th Century”. The sub-project contains 3 main parts: (1)Describe the interaction and symbiosis among major civilizations in the Eastern Hemisphere from the perspective of long-distance trade,biological exchange, religions diffusion etc. 1000AD is used as a dividing line, the focus of the period before 1000AD is Arab Empire, Byzantine Empire and Chinese Tang Dynasty; the focus of times after 1000 AD is nomadic empires such as Turki Empire and Mongol Empire; (2) A micro-study of symbiosis of Christian civilization, Islamic civilization, Greek civilization and Jewish civilization in Sicily during 12 century, and a probe of underlying reasons for multi-civilizations symbiosis;(3) Study the mutual cognition of   medieval Christian Europe and Islamic Arab.


Graduate Students Enrollment

Prof. Xia Jiguo currently enrolls MA candidates and Ph.D. candidates majoring on world history. The research orientation for MA candidate is “Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World”. The research orientations for Ph.D. candidates are “Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean World” and “Cross-cultural Communication in World History”.