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Liu Xincheng (刘 新成)

Liu Xincheng,  born in March 1952 in Beijing, President of CNU, Ph.D. professor of history. He is currently an expert of the Assessment Group of National Fund of Social Sciences, Deputy director of National Guidance Committee of Ministry of Education on history Education, vice president of Beijing Social Science Association, vice head of Beijing History Association, member of Beijing Degree Committee, vice head of Beijing Association of Higher Education, member of History Assessment Committee of Beijing Degree Committee, member of History Assessment Committee of Beijing Social Science Planning Office, member of China History Council, vice head of China Association on British History, and member of the editing committee of China History Annual Book. His main research directions include the history of medieval Europe, British constitutional history, and global history.

     Liu Xincheng received Bachelor, Master (1985) and Doctor (1991)’s Degree in the History Department of Beijing Normal College. He stayed in Whittier College (September 1988- July 1989) and Buffalo State College (November 2003- February 2004) in the US as visiting scholar. He remained on the school staff after graduation. He received an exceptional promotion to professorship in 1995, enjoyed special allowance financed by the State Council in 1996, and became a Ph.D. advisor in 1997. He used to be deputy director and director of History Department, and vice president of Capital Normal University. He is currently President of Capital Normal University, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Beijing Municipal People’s Congress, member of the Standing Committee of the NPC, director of the Beijing municipal commission of China Association for Promoting Democracy, and vice president of China Association for Promoting Democracy.

  • Monograph, Translation, and Textbook Publications
  1. A Study in the Tudor Parliament (monograph), Capital Normal University Press,1995.
  2. British Parliamentary and Political History (second author), Nanjing University Press, 1991.
  3. The Ancient Democracy and Republicanism (co-author),China Social Science Publishing House, 1998.
  4. Hundred Years of History (editor), Beijing Publishing House, 2000.
  5. The Rise of the West (joint translation), Taipei: Wu-Nan Culture Enterprise, 1990.
  6. Modern World-System (joint translation), Taipei: Laurel Book Company.1992, 1998.
  7. Max Weber: An Intellectual Portrait (joint translation), Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2002.
  8. World History (Vol. of 15th Century and Vol. of 16th Century) (editor), Guangdong People’s Publishing House, to be published.
  9. Guidebook of Adult National College Entrance Examination·History and Geography (editor), Higher Education Press, 2001, 2002.
  10. The Historical Evolvement of the Nine World Powers since 15th Century (co-editor), Guangdong People’s Publishing House, 2005.
  11. A Study of Social History of Medieval Europe (editor), People’s Publishing House, 2006.
  12. World History (Vol. of modern period) (editor), Higher Education Press, 2007.
  • Journal publications

    Liu Xincheng has published over 30 academic articles in Social Sciences in ChinaHistorical ResearchWorld HistoryHistoriography QuarterlyGuangming Daily, and History Monthly.

  • Research projects
  1. “Research on the Parliament of Tudor Dynasty” (key member), a key social science program under the 8th “5-year plan” (1990-1995), completed.
  2. “A Study in the Tudor Parliament” (independently responsible), a key social science program under the 8th “5-year plan” (1992-1995), completed.
  3. “Hierarchy and lifestyle: Social History of Medieval Europe” (independently responsible), a key social science program under the 8th “5-year plan” (1997-2000), completed.
  4. “A study in the Historiography of World History in the Age of Globalization” (director), a key research program of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education (2007-2008), completed.
  5. “A Study of interaction and symbiosis among civilizations in World History” (director), a key research project of humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education, (2008-2011).
  • Main prizes
  1. He won the title of “Young Discipline Leader of Beijing” in 1992;
  2. He received the youth prize of the 3rd Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Achievements with the thesis Oppugn Tudor Dictatorship in 1994;
  3. He joined the Beijing Trans-Century Talent Program in 1995;
  4. He won the second prize of the 4th Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Achievements with the thesis Research on the Parliament of Tudor Dynasty;
  5. He received the 3rd prize in the 1st National Fund Program of Social Science;
  6. He received the special allowance from the State Council in 1996;
  7. He received the 1st prize of “National Teaching Achievement” and the 2nd prize of “Teaching Achievement in Higher Education of Tianjin” with “The Construction and Application of network (material) resources in the field of history” in 2005.
  8. He won the title of “Top-notch innovative talent of Beijing” in 2005;
  9. He received the 1st prize of the 6th “National Teaching Achievement in Higher Education” with “Creating cooperative community and building practice-oriented models for teacher education” in 2009.