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Understanding the Global History

By Xi Jiguo

Published in Historiography Quarterly, No.1, 2010.

Abstract: The object of global history is the historical course of humankind survival and development both in the process of adapting to, restructuring, utilizing nature and in the process of interactions among individuals and groups. The value orientation of global history is concerned about the common destiny of the humankind. It reveals that even before 1500 an organic Eurasian and African network had already formed. Mutual consultation and cooperation, seeking common grounds while putting aside differences, and mutual benefit were the important means of communication. It emphasizes that globalization can not lead to the unification of the social models. Historians should consider more deeply the history of the relationship between human and nature. The research work conducted in the perspective of global history should be the “studies of large-scale interactions”. Historians can reveals such interactions from various perspectives and various levels.