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A Non-Eurocentrism Narrative on the Origins of the Modern World

By Xia Jiguo

Pubilished in Qi Lu Journal, Vol.6, 2007.

Abstract: In The Origins of the Modern World, Robert B. Marks presents a Non-Eurocentrism narrative of the origins of the modern world from global and ecological perspective. According to him, before 1800, the world economic center is in Asia, only surpassed by Europe in 19th century because of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution in Britain is due to such accidents as convenient coal deposits and colony, as for other countries, the governments play a central part. These industrialized western countries harnessed the fruits of that early industrialization to military weaponry, and to use that new-found power against Asians and Africans, which provide the main means for the development in these countries.

Key words: Robert B. Marks; The Origins of the Modern World; Non-Eurocentrism